Mission Statement

Our Mission!

Committed to navigating the mortgage process with you, every step of the way

We understand that people can get confused and frustrated with the process of looking for a mortgage. It's complicated, with lots of jargon involved and dealing with a network of lenders or brokers who operate solely on a transactional relationship basis.

We’re different, we understand that your mortgage approval is only part of this home-buying journey. Whilst we provide the best in class digital solutions for your mortgage or re-mortgage, it’s the aftercare that makes us unique. From communication with your solicitor to helping you satisfy any loan conditions, we have thought of every step of the way and tried to simplify it. And once you are a customer, you can set it and forget it. We will regularly review your mortgage and can help you switch again to ensure that you continually have options to save money.

We don’t want you to view us as just a financial services company. We’re trying to be more than that. Rather than having a transaction-only relationship with another lender or broker, choose Sussd as your life-long partner to optimise your mortgage forever.

About Us

Who are we?

Becoming mortgage brokers wasn't a sudden decision for us; it evolved over time. Like you, we entered the mortgage market expecting a straightforward process, only to find it anything but. Despite our extensive experience in financial services and dealing with intricate financial products, we were dismayed by the disjointed approach of various lenders. The constant demands to mail letters, email forms, schedule appointments, and repeatedly request more information left us deeply frustrated. We knew there had to be a more efficient way. This frustration led to the birth of Suss'd, based on a new concept and model.

So what have we done;

  • Filling out forms is a pain. We have tried as hard as possible to develop an online mortgage application that doesn’t give you a headache when you are filling it out.
  • An upload facility to collect documentation from you. And it works. You won’t have to try 5 times before your document uploads. And guess what we will check your documentation straight away – not after two weeks!
  • Streamlined communications so we are only ever one text away. No fuming because you have left three messages. If you are online and want to talk, we will get back to you. We’re on Whatsapp!!
  • Made it a lot easier to satisfy all those conditions the lender sets. For example, who knows where to start when you are told to arrange a valuation. We do. So, we can look after that sort of stuff for you.
  • And finally, we have provided you with a personalised dashboard which has everything you need in one place. All your documents, everything you need to do and immediate access if you need help.

But there is more to do, and we will be constantly evolving. Contact us today to see how we can mind your mortgage.